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 TAUmail webaccess now allows you to: TAUmail webaccess now allows you to:
-  ​- check your mail quota +  ​* Check your mail quota 
-  ​- set mail filter (active for both web-access and your mail client) +  ​* Set mail filter (active for both web-access and your mail client) 
-  ​- change your password+  ​* Valid SSL certificate 
 +  * Shared Folders
-==== Installing the CACert Certificate in Windows ==== 
-TAUmail'​s web interface is using certificates issued by +==== Shared Folders ====
-[[http://​cacert.de | CACert]]. In order to install it into your +
-browser follow these steps:+
-   * visit http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3 +I've activated the dovecot "​Shared Folders"​ feature (cf. http://wiki2.dovecot.org/SharedMailboxes/​Shared)
-   * click on http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=17 if you are using the microsoft internet explorer +Folders can be shared to other TAUmail users in roundcubego to Settings -> Folders, select a folder and notice the "​Sharing"​ tabIf you want to share a folder, make sure to always use the full email address as username (i.e., ''​foo@tauware.de''​ instead of ''​foo''​). 
-   ​install the class3 certificate ​if you are using some other browser like firefox or opera.+ 
 +For this, I had to rearrange ​the namespace configuration. This may have resulted in your mail client re-downloading all mails in subfolders. Sorry about that. 
 +==== News === 
 +  [03/2016] Password change in roundcube works again 
 +  * [11/2016] Default Sieve Spam Filter (only if no other filter is enabled): Filter out spam mails to the folder "​Junk"​. 
 +  * [12/2016] TAUmail now supports shared folders 
 +  * [12/2016] fail2ban is now activated for roundcube. After 3 failed attempts, your IP gets banned (via paket filter) for 5 minutes.

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